C.J. Geotis is a life-long fisherman who followed his dream 21 years ago to live in the Florida Keys. He served as the Deputy City Manager and Ports Manager of Marathon for four years. He holds a BA Degree in human resources and an MA in organizational management.

His volunteer work includes serving on the Board of the Marathon Community Theater, where he was “type cast” to play Jake, a novelist struggling to save his marriage, in Jake’s Women, by Neil Simon. Jake is surrounded by six women, alive and dead, that all had lots to say about his neurotic approach to relationships. He also appeared in The Puzzle Platoon.

For 14 years, he has written, and continues to write, a biweekly fishing column in the Key West Citizen and the Florida Keys Free Press.  Many of his columns emphasize the fact that relationships and friendships are often more important than the catch.

His book, Florida Keys Fish Stories, is available at Amazon.com. C.J. is a freelance grant writer and aspiring poet and edits and produces promotional video presentations. He is currently in the final stages of writing his first full-length novel, Double-Edged Sword..

His passion is boating and fishing in the Florida Keys and the deep-blue waters of the Atlantic Ocean. He lives in Marathon with his wife, Loretta, and her Coca-Cola collection. His email is, cj@writercj.com